Wednesday, 29 March 2017

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash

I seen that Garnier had bought out a new product to remove makeup and thought I would try it out.

First of all you need to use water, it's a face wash that is a gel form that foams when you work it into your skin and have to wash off with water.
Now when I first saw micellar I thought it would be like a micellar water where you just use a cotton pad to remove your makeup but unfortunately it's not like that.
Micellar waters are more beneficial for those that are in a rush or people that are going camping or festivals.
I am not wearing waterproof makeup, my mascara is Benefit They're Real! Mascara so it's not a tough mascara.
After first applying the micellar gel and washing it didn't get rid of all the makeup, I ended up with panda eyes.
After cleansing a second time with the micellar water my skin was clear plus no panda eyes. It isn't hydrating which I wish it was.
It smells of children PVA glue and cheap unscented (but smells of chemicals) hand sanitiser which is not appealing.
Also if you get it in your eyes it burns and stings like a B****.
You have to use a decent amount of it so maybe if you like to double cleanse then use this as your first cleanse to get most makeup off then use a cleanser that is specialised for your skin problems if you are dry skin, oily skin, acne prone skin.

Purchased: Boots
Price: £3.99
Overall Rating: 4/5

Watch the video version of this video:

NOTE: this is not a sponsored post.

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