Saturday, 4 March 2017

February 2017 Favourites

Quick note before you read on, if you click the name of the products it will take you to where I got it from or if that place doesn't sell it anymore then it will take you to the next best place.


Ciaté Nail Super Hero Base Coat
My nails have been very fragile, flaky and chip quickly so I cut my nails short and applied this base coat for the weekend with no colour polish and notice a big change in my nails, it's like they are more hydrated. I now use this base coat with everything.

Essie Nail Laquer (Fiji)
I have loved this colour since opening the gift set I bought in the Christmas sale, it was in last month's favourites as well and I still re-wear this polish.

Nails Inc Nail Polish (Lexington Street)
I thought I better try and mix up my nail polish game and not wear Fiji all the time so wore this colour which I got as a free gift in a Glamour magazine, let's just say it's on my shopping list to repurchase because I love it, I feel like this is the perfect colour for every skin tone.

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Topcoat
Of course this is in my favourites video, I bought Kate (family friend) one for her birthday and in the school playground at pick up time I spoke to her about it and another friend over heard and wanted to know what it is and she's considering it. I couldn't live without it, I can do my nails before bed and they won't have smudged or got a pattern indented into it from my bed. It's a life saver.

L'Occitane Hand Cream (Shea Vanilla Bouquet)
Another product on my shopping list, I think I might buy multiples, one for my handbag, one for my bedside table, one for my vanity and one for my office desk. I suffer from dry skin and in the winter eczema when it's cold and this stuff helps so much, I thought it would make my skin sore because it is fragranced but it doesn't, love it.

Boots No Snags No Kinks
I have very thick, long, knotty hair and hate wearing it up, somebody told me about these so I thought I would try them out and oh wow, I love them, I can bang my hair up and I don't snap thousands of hair bobbles like I used to, my hair stays in place and I could put it up in a messy bun and take it out and my hair isn't a massive mess. I don't know why I haven't tried these out before.


Jack Wills Hoodie
I'm not much of a hoodie wearer, I dress more smart or smart casual so this isn't me but because it's been quite cold in the UK and I also haven't been 100% I have been wearing this. I also don't normally wear hoodies, I wear zip ups but this is so thick and comfortable.


Bonnie Hoellein
This family's vlog/follow me around videos are so funny, I think they are such a cute family and I understand Olivia when she had her ears pierced, I was about 16 / 17 years old when I got mine done, my mum pinned me to the chair in Claire's and I had them done.

HRH Collection
I love how blunt she is and how straight to the point she is. I watched the video of her car being crashed into and felt so bad for her.

I Am Chouquette 
First of all I want her dressing room / walk in wardrobe, it is amazing and it even has a security lock on it. I love her and her husband Paris, he is hilarious, I am more of a vlog watcher so love those videos of hers.

Nadia & Kaye
You may know them as Loose Women but I know them as the besties on YouTube, they are hilarious together. Thought I would explain what Loose Women is, it's a television show on in the week where a group of women discuss everything and anything, it's like the British version of The View.


Bridget Jone's Baby
I love it. I love it. I love it.
First of all McDreamy is in it, if you don't know who McDreamy is you should watch Grey's Anatomy but I wasn't happy about the ending, let's just say I wanted the other guy to be the father of the baby, I don't want to spoil it for anybody.

Chicago Fire
I have finally reached season two of this show and still love it, I normally watch it with my mum in our spare time but she hasn't had as much time so I'm watching it on my own and think it's brilliant.

The Arrangement
This E! show doesn't start until March but they put up their first episode onto YouTube and I love it, the main girl Megan Morrison is in Chicago Fire.


Train - Play That Song
I heard this song on the radio and just fell in love so had to get it on iTunes or when I'm at home I watch the music video on YouTube.


Inspiral Purple Corn Kale Chips
I haven't got any more of these but these are so addictive, I am sad to say I ate the big bag on my own in two days, my mum tried them but I wasn't willing to share, they were so good and are on my shopping list. I feel like I was eating a healthy snack so didn't limit myself but I didn't look at the nutritional facts so I don't know if they are but who cares, they were delicious.

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