Saturday, 28 January 2017

January 2017 Favourites

My first favourites YouTube video and blog post of the year and I can't believe it's already here; the time has flown by.


MAC Face & Body Foundation (C1)
This foundation has been a regular favourite of mine for the past few years, it's a very watery (liquid-y) product that is pretty buildable and also glossy/glowy making my skin look a lot better.

Makeup Obsession Eyeshadow
I have many shades and love them all, they are very pigmented and blendable and for something so cheap they work really well. I want to get so many more and intend to do so. What's great is you can create your own eye palette, you have a wind range of eyeshadow finishes: shimmers, mattes, pearl and also they do blushers, contour, highlighters and lip products that all fit in the same palette if you wanted.

Ted Baker Nail Polish (Nude)
This gorgeous shade from the Christmas 2016 set is my favourite, I have been wearing it quite frequently but feel quite sad that it's a limited edition and once it's all gone, it's all gone.

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Topcoat
I have purchased about four of this, it is a quick drying, nail hardening topcoat that makes your nails look like they are gel polish as well as making your nail polish last a little longer.

Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Water Spray
I've really enjoyed using this face spray to set my makeup as well as freshen up my makeup after a long day. I believe this product will be brilliant during the hotter times.


Ralph Lauren T-Shirts
I got two t-shirts from the Ralph Lauren Outlet store at Grenta Green and love them, they are comfortable and now I want more so I'm going to have to find either a Ralph Lauren store that stocks them or the nearest outlet store.

Curvy Kate Princess Balcony Bra
I went and got fitted for new bras at John Lewis and the woman suggested this bra so I bought it. It's very comfortable and I love it, I struggle to find cute bras for my large boobs, they are always ugly. The picture is not of me.

H&M Double Breasted Blazer
This was in my haul recently, I love how big and oversized it is, I dress up a simple casual outfit with this as well as wearing it with smart work wear.


Sheer Luxe
I don't know how I came across this YouTube channel but no sooner I did I watched every video of theirs, I prefer their vlogs where you follow the CEO of the company around, it made me realise that if there is something I want I have to work to get it, like the owner of Sheer Luxe did.

Fair Skin & Freckles (Blog & YouTube)
She commented on one of my YouTube videos so I decided to check out her YouTube channel, she uploads quality content and that led me to reading her blog, which I also like.

HRH Collection
I've watched Alex for years and ever time I see that she has upload a video I stop everything I am doing and watch it; Alex says what she wants to say which I like, I hate when people pussy foot around things.


Code Black
I have only just started watching Code Black and managed to get through the first season with my mum, this was a replacement for Grey's Anatomy whilst it's not on and I am loving it, got to wait for the second season to come out but can't wait. It's another hospital show as well as drama, which I seem to love.

Chicago Fire
What have I got to say? If you like men in suits you will like this, Taylor Kinney is fit, he plays a fireman and he is a sexy looking fireman. It's a show about firemen and women in Chicago, a lot of drama but you get to see Kelly Severide (Taylor's character).

The Great Interior Design Challenge
I want to redo my bedroom and when I seen this show I thought I would get some inspiration from this show, I was hoping Daniela Tasca-York would win and she did.

I am so glad they are back from their Christmas holiday, I love this Australian soap, there is so many characters I like, Leo Tanaka who is played by Tim Kano was one of my Man Crush Monday's and he liked the photo.


I Don't Like Monday by Bob Geldof
I know Boomtown Rats did this song but I watched a video of Bob Geldof performing this song and I loved it.

Little Red Corvette by Prince
I am obsessed with this song, I've been listening to it for the past three/four years. One of my wishes was to go to a Prince concert but sadly he passed away in 2016 and that really devastated me.

The Millionaire's Proposal by Janelle Denison
Every week you can get a free book on iBooks so I decided to download them and came across this book and read it within two weeks and loved it. I generally prefer paperback books instead of iBooks but this is a great way to find new books. No sooner I started I couldn't stop reading it so when I was in the bath I was reading, when I was a passenger in a car I was reading. What I have noticed though is some spelling mistakes and I know I am not the best at writing but it was slightly annoying.

Watch the video version of this video:

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