Saturday, 11 June 2016


I thought I would try some of the healthy snacks that are on offer to people in the UK and this is the first brand I got my hands on.
The brand is Ombar and they are stocked in Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market, Ocado, DM, As Nature Intended, Albert Heijn and Revital. They also stock on their own website
I have photos of every chocolate product with the link to them but go to the bottom of this page to watch the YouTube video to find out my opinions on these products.

OMBAR CENTRES Coconut & Vanilla 35g - £1.99

OMBAR Coconut 60% 35g - £1.99

OMBAR Goji Berry 35g - £1.99

OMBAR BUTTONS Coco Mylk 25g - £1.49

OMBAR BUTTONS 72% Raw 25g - £1.49

OMBAR CENTRES Raspberry & Coconut 35g - £1.99

Watch the video version of this video:

NOTE: this is not a sponsored post.

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